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Yvan Petit's upcoming conferences

Yvan Petit

Yvan Petit will participate in four conferences in the coming months 

Petit, Y., Project Portfolio Management in Dynamic Environment: Organizing for Uncertainty PMO15BR29, PMI PMO Symposium, Phoenix AZ,

November 10th, 2015

This presentation addresses the question: How is uncertainty affecting project portfolios managed in dynamic environments? Four portfolios in two firms were investigated using retrospective analysis. The research used the dynamic capabilities framework to study project portfolio management and a number of mechanisms will be presented on sensing, seizing and reconfiguring portfolios. The results of this research were published in a PMI monograph entitled “Project Portfolios in Dynamic Environments: Organizing for Uncertainty”.


Petit, Y., Aligning Projects to Strategy - A Workshop PMO15WS6, PMI PMO Symposium, Phoenix AZ,

November 11th, 2015

In this workshop the participants will learn the steps involved in aligning projects to the mission, visions and strategy of the organization. Starting with a list of projects, they will have to determine the projects to launch and ensure the best combination of projects is selected and prioritized in their portfolios.

Conférence ouverte au public le 20 octobre 2015

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Agilité et coûts de coordination

Conférencier : Stéphane Pilote, ACP MGP

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Conférence ouverte au public le 13 octobre 2015

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Les communautés de pratique/d’apprentissage

Conférencière Diane-Gabrielle Tremblay


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Launch of the book Changement et Grands Projets

 chang grands projets Under the direction of Valérie LehmannBernard Motulsky et  Valérie Colomb

Monday October 1st 2015, from 17h à 19h

Université du Québec à Montréal
Room Pierre-Bourgault
Pavilion Judith-Jasmin, Annexe (JE)
1564, rue Saint-Denis
Montréal (Québec) H2L 2C4

Please confirm your presence before September 28th 2015 at 418 657-4399 or at

Whether urban, technological, environmental, social, territorial, educative, touristic or mining, Large Projects produce, bring, accompany or suffer many changes. By uniting texts that juxtapose and intermingle Project Management, Politic sciences, management, urbanism, communication, tourism, information technology, Earth sciences, knowledge management and Engineering, this piece of work propose an overview of those changes.

Researchers and practitioners, all passionate about challenges of changes that represent the new era of the Economy of ideas, that already come, so fast, to replace that of the Economy of knowledge, made the choice to investigate, analyze and explain in what Large Projects are synonymous of changes, how big environmental, technologic and social changes hit Large Project or what practices of Project Management have changed the field.

The first part of the book tackles environment changes and their implications on Large Projects; the second part deals with changes in practices and professions of Large Project; the third part concerns changes on theoretical or intuitive perspectives; the fourth part illustrates unexpected or untameable complexities represented by changes in Large Projects. The collection of textes invite the imagining of the being-together and the living-together of tomorrow whether we are here or there, political leader or student, urban or rural, manager or consultant.


More information is available here.

Skander Ben Abdallah and Monique Aubry will host Dr Hélio Costa for his postdoctoral fellowship

Monique et Skander Skander Ben Abdallah and Monique Aubry will host Dr Hélio Costa for his postdoctoral fellowship in September 2015 for a period of a year.

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Monique Aubry will be a member of the FRQS evaluation committee


Drouin N

For the third straight year, Monique Aubry will be a member of the FRQS evaluation committee.

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The Ministry of Transport of Quebec is a new partner of the Chair

MTQ The Chair is proud to announce that the Ministry of Transport of Quebec as its newest partner. Since the Chair was renewed for a second 5-year mandate in 2012, the Chair has had seven partners, AMT, STM, Hydro-Québec, Ericsson, National Bank, City of Montreal and la Société québécoise des infrastructures.

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